Raven Project

The Raven Project is an initiative of My Father’s House conceived to support people in need. Our desire is for the church to be the focal point of our community, a place where people can turn to for support when needed.

Up until now, Raven Project has been coordinated to reach out to people only at Christmas, providing the less fortunate with a Christmas meal in a bag/box however these unprecedented times during the pandemic have made things more challenging where people have lost jobs and their livelihood and require a lot more support.

The impact of Covid-19 has been devastating, causing many to seek emergency financial help for food and other basic things. We are therefore happy to coordinate a different time apart from Christmas this year to reach out to people who need food hamper bags/boxes.

For many, affording weekly or monthly expenses can be a continuous challenge. If you want to help a friend, family or neighbour, you can join us in fundraising for The Raven Project here.

To contact us if you require a food hamper box, please send an email to info@myfathershouseuk.org or ring 01582 966 960 or via social media

For further information or if you require a food hamper box. Click here to Contact Us